Washout a12

Jungle themed KOTH with lots of height variation

  1. Moar screaming eagles!

    In this update I've attempted to improve the options available to soldiers by opening up the airspace in the map and increasing the roof space at mid.

    The battlements have been turned into an open platform. This opens up a jump for scout to get on centre roof, too. Changed ammo here from medium to small. Also broke the skybox water :\

    The path from spawn to battlements has been widened and had its air space opened up to allow for jumping soldiers and demos to more quickly get to the battle.

    Windows have been added to the wall on the central roof to give people on the roof more situational awareness. The roof has been extended over the middle area to provide a better vertical combat option. Added a small health pack underneath. Note: this is an older shot and is missing the white tank on blue battlements.

    This next change isn't to do with improving soldier play, I just want to try it. Added a drop down route from the main path down to the water route.

    This is where the drop down exits. This should allow the team to bypass a lot of the action when entering the main area.

    That's about it. I somehow messed up the skybox water (no specular)... which is really irritating me. Will hopefully figure it out for future versions.
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