Wallop planning

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Wallop planning

Dynamic CP map with frantic action for the whole family

Early thread for gamemode idea criticism.
The download contains my current entity setup.

In this custom, dynamic CP gamemode, each team has just one control point. Somewher in the middle of the map there is also a mini control point (look at the screenshots).

To win the round, one team must capture the enemy control point and hold it for a set amount of time (currently 30 seconds). If the control point is retaken by its original owner, the countdown will reset.

The mini control point is optional, and grants several benefits to the team that owns it:
  • The enemy control point timer will be reduced to 20 seconds.
  • The enemy control point will be moved a bit further from the enemy spawn, and out of range of several strong defensive positions.
  • Better spawns/tweaked respawntimes/some other fuckery that makes sense.

The goal of this map is to create a frantic control point map with tactical depth, originating in the dynamic map changes caused by the control points. An example of this would be that recapturing the mini control point while the enemy team has captured your own control point, will increase the timer by 10 seconds and move the control point back into an area that can be defended more easily by your team.

Someone, make sure i complete this :>


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