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Wall Climbing 2023-05-22

Wall Climbing from VSH-VScript as a standalone thing

Wall Climbing from VSH-VScript as a standalone thing!

Easy to install, somewhat flexible and designed to co-exist with other vscript creations on the same map, which is far from a given.

1)Put melee_wall_climb.nut into tf/custom/<any_name>/scripts/vscripts/.
2)Add logic_script entity into your map with the following properties
Entity Script...........................melee_wall_climb.nut
Script think function..........Think
This is it! (all values are case-sensitive)

There's 3 options to determine which players should be allowed to Wall Climb.
Uncomment which option you like the most.
function IsEligiblePlayer(player)
    return true;                                                //Option 1
//  return player.GetTeam() == Constants.ETFTeam.TF_TEAM_BLUE;  //Option 2
//  return player in eligiblePlayers;                           //Option 3
The first and default options allows all players to Wall Climb at any time.
The second option is "insert your code instead". An example above is a team filter.
The third option uses a dynamic list of arbitrary players capable of Wall Climbing.

To grant/revoke the Wall Climb ability with the third option, use the following HammerIO outputs:
OnOutput logic_script_wall_climb RunScriptCode GrantWallClimb(activator)
OnOutput logic_script_wall_climb RunScriptCode RevokeWallClimb(activator)
logic_script_wall_climb here is the name of your logic_script entity.

This vscript uses a quirk that enables OnTakeDamage event for worldspawn#0, which is how a melee hit gets detected, but then we add a hijack-proxy so that OnTakeDamage event of other vscripts wouldn't trigger when, for example, shooting at a wall.

If by some odd chance you want worldspawn's OnTakeDamage event to be fired for other vscripts, set supressWorldSpawnDamage to false.

If you like my work, you can support me at https://boosty.to/lizardofoz. With enough support, I'll be able to put more time into projects like these.
Credit is required. Permission to modify optional.
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