Multi Stage wafflechops a2

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Multi Stage wafflechops a2

Author: EArkham


Multistage payload set in a winter alpine environment. What's the name mean? It's a mangling of "roflcopter." Just popped into my head one day, and figured it'd work better than "pl_snowypushcart."

1st stage begins at an industrial/trainyard owned by BLU. They'll push the cart through a mining town right up to the mountain entrance of RED's headquarters. The screenshots are only of a very WIP stage 1. There will be an additional structure/building on that long stretch of track seen in screenshot A1-1-02 to break up lines of sight and sniper lanes. I just haven't decided what that structure will look like yet.

2nd stage begins as BLU pushes the cart between more mining buildings, up a winding road, and finally into the start of a cavern.

3rd stage (completely unmapped at this point) will involve BLU pushing the cart through a cavern/mine and out into RED's secret rocket base on the other side of the mountain.

I started work on this over Xmas but failed to realize how much work a multistage payload map takes. So it's on the backburner for the time being while I tend to other projects (like, you know, actual work). Just wanted to to post it to reserve the name and show off the small bit of progress. Still tons to do on this one, so I dunno when I'll have it finished.
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