vsh_mannopolis_mannco_shopping_mall_public 1.5 Fix

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vsh_mannopolis_mannco_shopping_mall_public 1.5 Fix

Custom Versus Saxton Hale Map

Notice: This is the "Versus Saxton Hale" version of my map. I have plans on making a separate
version of this map to work in trade servers.

Map Summary:

(Map made by me, Building and Hovercar Props by "The Winglet")

Hello all and say hello to my very first Team Fortress 2/Versus Saxton Hale mad called "vsh_mannopolis_mannco_shopping_center." (yes, I know it's a long name) This is the "public" version of my map and is designed to work with Versus Saxton Hale servers. (This map scale wise is somewhat based of "vsh_mann_city_v2.") Although my map plays a key role in the lore/story of my custom FF2 server, I did also want to make a public version of my map as one of key purposed of this map is to have a soundtrack. (something that is being worked on following this release.

When loading into this map, a specific intro jingle should play. (A jingle which I specifically made for this map.)

The lore/story of this map.:

Map Overview/Lore:
You are located in the most popular shopping mall placed right in the center of the technologically advanced and futuristic city of "Mannopolis." (or Mann City) Placed right in the middle of Mannopolis, this shopping mall is where all of the hats, products, merchandise, "colorful weapons" (aka skinned weapons), and much more stuff manufactured by the "Mann Co. company are being sold. The mall itself is a somewhat tall building surrounded by tall and sturdy walls acting as the "security fences" for the mall. The mall has two large concrete doors that requires a team of people to open, and the mall is very popular amongst both tourist and "Mannopolis Shoppers"

Map Structure:
This map is in a somewhat "square" shape with the actual shopping center being the tall blue building right smack in the middle of the "playable' portion of the map. The 3D skybox is filled with blue futuristic budlings and a "high road" for the three hovercars seen flying around the map. Every building and hovercar prop (coming from Garry's Mod) seen in the map are by both "The Winglet" as well as the team he assembled to make his Source Filmmaker Video known as "Timeless Thief." As this is a "Freak Fortress 2 Map." Three "TF2 Freaks" (Bonk Boy, Bonk Girl, and Ninjaneer) are present at the top of the shopping mall and are acting as stationary "NPC like" characters who are watching over the shopping mall making sure everything is good. (More map lore lul)

City of Mannopolis:
In my little improvised "Freak Universe." Mannoplis is a futuristic and technologically advanced city placed right in the middle of the badland's region. (In this improvised universe, the timeline for this badlands region is placed around the 21 century.) The city is funded by the Mann Co. company (hence the name "Mannopolis" with Saxton Hale himself acting as the mayor of the city. Givin Saxton Hales love for his home country of Australia, Saxton purposely made Mannopolis look very similar to the futuristic city seen in Australia. (Seen in the TF2 Comics)

Let me know what you think of the "VSH" version of my map. Also, if any issues are present with my map please let me know.
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Versus Saxton Hale

Latest updates

  1. Update to my map [Possible fix to crashing issue]

    This update of my map should fix the crashing issue that was occurring when attempting to load this with your Team Fortress 2 models settings set to anything other than high.
  2. Update to my map.

    I've reworked some things and added in a new update for my custom vsh map. These include: 1. The buildings in the 3D skybox were missing an important mesh file so I added those in. 2. Less health and ammo kits while also moving them around a...