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A datacenter, where Mann Co. store is hosted

  1. nayðef
    Mannco Datacenter
    Let me introduce you my first map(of course updated multiple times) I ever created for TF2. In brief a big room full with beeping mainframes from 70s, layout of the map partly inspired by WarGames.
    • A lot of computers
    • Vents(because why not)
    • Water
    • Elevator(purely cosmetic)
    • Doors, compatible with FF2 force opening of doors
    • Secrets
    • Custom models(credit below)
    • and more
    I made this map, because I wanted to make one for TF2 and especially FF2(because I only play this mode). So far, the layout is bad, but at least it shines and looks too good.

    N.B.! HDR not included
    N.B.! Map is generally played on FF2x10

    Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind that right now i can't compile maps(with VRAD and VVIS), because Windows is broken...

    Custom content:
    Animated Computers(and converted to make them work in the map)

    You can nominate and see the map on NecGaming servers:

    Freak Fortress 2:

    Freak Fortress 2 x10:


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Recent Updates

  1. More map fixes than additions