VSH Saxton Lake A1

A small VSH map made for the Summer 2018 72hr Jam

  1. Harritron
    My 72hr Entry for Summer 2018.

    Once Mercenary Park went bankrupt, Saxton decided to open another arena by a lake with his name slapped on it, 100% designed for fighting alpine wildlife. The bears were first to go, followed by the wolves and the mountain lions.

    However, the National Parks Committee in this unnamed country decided it was time to close it down due to "unsanitary conditions" (probably too much blood getting in the lake). The National Parks Committee Mercenaries went into the park... ready to fight any animal. But there weren't any animals in the park. There was only a large, muscular man with Australia-Shaped chest hair.

    The Mercenaries must defeat Saxton Hale in order to close down the park, while Saxton must kill all the Mercenaries to keep his park open, as well as bring more species to the brink of extinction.

    My 1st ever 72hr Jam, so I decided to make something small and relatively easy. In the end, I had time to detail some buildings and make a small 3D skybox.

    Resources Used

    Puddy's Small Mapping Resource Pack (i.e. Modern ABS)
    Ravidge's Lighting Library

    20180729162507_1.jpg 20180729162514_1.jpg 20180729162535_1.jpg 20180729162542_1.jpg 20180729162604_1.jpg 20180729162617_1.jpg 20180729162735_1.jpg 20180729162816_1.jpg