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[Overhaul] Overhauled the main area
[Overhaul] Overhauled the back area
[Improvement] Added playerclips so you get stuck on less often
[Addition] Added water back around the control point
[Addition] Added a teleport trigger if you somehow bypass the playerclip in the main and outside area
[Addition] Added breakable glass in the chill room
[Addition] Added more detail outside (more vegetation and rocks)
[Adjustment] Changed skybox to something more pretty
[Adjustment] Reduced the cap time from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
[Adjustment] Increased height on the walls, so hale and soldiers can jump more freely
[Adjustment] Adjusted the height of the windows in spawn
[Adjustment] Extended the water so it looks more infinite (Still not perfect, but will do for now)
[Optimization] Couple of optimizations
[Tweak] Noclipped a couple of items for better traversal
[Tweak] Delaying hale a little bit on spawn so people don't get immediately killed by him on round start
[Removal] Remove the red and blue logo from the hallway near spawn
[Fix] Fixed crates floating
[Fix] Fixed water dissapearing at specific angles
[Addition] Added tribute for Rick May
[Addition] Added a new elevated area outside, accessible via a ladder
[Addition] Added a roof to the small hut outside
[Addition] Added a couple of cacti outside
[Addition] Added small rocks and pebbles near the big rocks outside
[Addition] Added a visual effect + sound effect for the jump boost outside
[Addition] Added another window to the small building outside
[Addition] Added supports for the small building outside
[Addition] Added archery targets outside
[Addition] Added a small ammo pack in the connector room
[Improvement] Changed the crates near the containers near red spawn to toxic barrels, allowing for easier access onto the containers
[Adjustment] Changed the health and ammo pack in the small hut to only a small health pack
[Adjustment] Moved the spawn points a tiny bit
[Removal] Removed the small platform outside (wasn't being used anyway)
[Optimization] Small optimizations
[Overhaul] Reworked whole connector area
[Addition] Added a light and sound notification for the door in BLU spawn
[Addition] Added some new decals
[Addition] Added an easteregg involving some recent events
[Adjustment] Adjusted some props in the spawn areas
[Fix] Fixed the explode button
[Addition] Added another entrance for both spawns (The entrance for hale is locked for 30 seconds so he can't immediately run outside or to RED spawn and kill multiple people)
[Improvement] Improved textures on the metal doors
[Adjustment] Increased open speed of the metal doors by 25%
[Tweak] Alignment fix
[Fix] Clipping fixes
[Overhaul] Reworked whole top area to balance it more out for hales/bosses.
[Addition] Added a ladder to gain access to the top, which serves as another option to go up for the hale/boss and players.
[Adjustment] Hales/Bosses now take around 1K damage from the button instead of 10K - 15K damage.
[Optimization] Small optimizations
[Tweak] Fixed some alignment issues
[Addition] Added a nobuild zone in the outside area
[Adjustment] Changed one of the paths up top in the main area to a zig zag pattern instead of a straight line
[Fix] Accidently disabled triggers on the previous update. This has been fixed!
[Addition] Added a small healthpack in the middle of the main area to mitigate the removal of water
[Fix] Fixed the visual water bug occuring from certain points on the map by removing the water in the middle