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Updated to the current version seen in Casual. Also updated the manual.
* Fixed a rare random bug when you would respawn mid-round (which caused the gamemode to put you into an endless death loop)
* Added `VSH_API_SetHaleHealthFactor(healthFactor)` that controls how much Health Hale has per player. Default value is 30. Formula is 1000 + factor * players * players
* TF2 has a bug when loading the same mp3's from multiple map causes the game to crash. Using wav's instead until the bug is fixed.
* Hale's voice lines are now louder (apparently sounds inside `sound/mvm` folder are played louder).

* Weapon Changes:
** Fixed Kunai, Big Earner and YER on-backstab effects not working.
** Bazaar Bargain gains heads on headshots.
** Hitman's Heatmaker gains Focus on-hit.
** Demo Shields don't break if Demo is Uber-charged.
** KGB on-kill crits now provided on-hit instead.
** Frontier Justice now gains crits from Sentry damage.

* Added `VSH_API_SetHaleJumpForce(jumpForce)`
** Default Hale Jump Force is 700

* Added more Hale voice lines:
** Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt
** Beer-related Round Start lines (disabled by default, can be enabled via `VSH_API_EnableBeerLines()`)
** Hale bails out
** Hale got Jarated

* Added reverb to Gray Mann's lines (he's speaking though loudspeakers after all)
* Engineer, Heavy and Soldier have a chance to say "Medic Down" when calling for a Medic if none are left alive.
The Deadline is Upon Us!

ALSO, DELETE AND REPLACE maps/your_map_level_sounds.txt FILE! FOR REAL THIS TIME!

Added a lot of Hale's voice lines.
Improved code.
And more. No time to list changes.
* Hale receives more damage the less players are left.
* Hale receives less damage if he took too much recently.
The desired effect is to minimize rounds when Hale is still half-full, while most of the Mercs are dead, while also avoiding singular damage sources (kritz, sticky traps, backstabs) from deleting Hale.

* VFX for Charge (both Wind-Up and Dash).
* VFX for Saxton PUNCH!
* Wall Climbing now works off of everything except players and engie buildings.
* Quicker round change when Hale bails out.
* The info sign at the start of the round now says "Kill all Mercenaries" and "Kill Saxton Hale".
* Removed `arena_win_panel` event to test if tf2maps is bugged because of it.
* Fixed incorrect damage accumulation for Airstrike and Frontier Justice.
* If you died during Setup as a Merc, you will get respawned.
* Backstabs and Market Gardens deal 100% of the Damage Quota, as opposed to 80%, but will likely increase Hale's damage resistance factor.
* Engineer buildings stay alive after their Engineer dies.
* Added Hale's portrait for the player panel at the top.
* Added more `IsValidRound` checks to prevent dying loops during tf2maps feedback round
* Fixed a bug when a round wouldn't end when it should
* Stun Breakout now also triggers when Hale received 2000 damage during a stun.
** The old condition (4 seconds of continuous stun) also remains
** //todo make it scale with players
* Added relays `vsh_round_end*`, `vsh_mercs_win*` and `vsh_hale_win*`. Read more about this in documentation.
* Updated assets.
* Added a function `VSH_API_GetVersion()` for external use.

* Hale's HP was reduced (N went from 40 -> 30)
* Updated Assets
** Saxton PUNCH! is now left-handed for reasons.
** Slam first-person animations.
** New Saxton PUNCH! first-person animation.
* Improved and fixed Melee Wall Climbing.
* Fixed bugs related to joining mid-round.
* Fixed bugs related duels.
* Removed custom round logic in favor of stock.
* Fixed a bug when Hale could use a minigun.
* Backstabs and Market Gardens now deal 80% of Damage Quota instead of 150%
* Fixed a bug when buildings are not destroyed when you change class.
* Fixed inverted normals on Hale's flipped viewmodel.
* Half-Zatoichi gives health on-hit instead of on-kill
* Fixed related to being on the wrong team.
* Fixed the game considering dead players afk.
* Other minor fixes.

* Forcemoving Spectators to RED in hopes to catch the issue.
* Losing Rock, Paper, Scissors kills Hale at any health.
* Updated Mercs' UI.
* Another attempt to make tf2m feedback round work.
* Wall Climb traces a hull instead of a line, meaning you don't have to be as precise.
* Wall Climb: works off of Hale with few weapon exceptions.
* Wall Climb: doesn't work off of Engineer buildings.
* Wall Climb: works off of `clip` but not `playerclip`.
* Dying as Engineer forces your sentry to self-destroy.
* Updated Assets
* Feedback round now works(?).

* All Eyelander reskins gain heads on hit.
* Sentry gets an assist every 500 damage (for Frontier Justice crits).
* Airstrike gets an extra rocket for every 500 damage done with the weapon.
* Jarate and Sydney Sleeper are back! The only nerf: the effect duration is halved.
* Marked for Death duration is also halved.
* New glow Aura for Hale.
* Saxton PUNCH! Ready VFX.
* Mid-air Charge wind-up animation.
* Demo shields don't break from AoE attacks anymore (nor do they block it).

* Better handling of changing class in VSH.
** E.g. No dying because "Suicide on changing class" is enabled.
** Round now technically count as sudden death.
* Sentries get disabled upon Hale's victory
* Fixed(?) TF2Maps feedback round not triggering sometimes.
* Reduced the damage falloff of Saxton PUNCH!.
* Less baileys.
* The map now gets properly reset between rounds (aka rounds aren't "fake" anymore).
* Removed "vsh_round_start_relay" and "vsh_setup_end_relay" trigger logic.
** Now any logic_relay with the name starting with "vsh_setup" will get triggered when the setup ends.
** Now any door with the name starting with "vsh_setup" will get opened when the setup ends.
** If you're migrating from a prev. version, you'll probably need to remove "vsh_round_start_relay".
* Hale's Brave Jump height has been reduced (512hu -> 320hu).

* Hale's Brave Jump height is now more consistent (jump height has varied a lot based on precise timing and low ping).
* Fixed(?) a bug when Hale's Charge hurtbox was activated before it was teleported to Hale when a new Charge starts.
* Fixed a bug when Hale could kill himself with Charge during Setup.
* Fixed Charge not knocking people away if performed from a sharp downwards angle.
* Demo shield doesn't get removed when its hit blocking capability gets "used up".
* Eyelander gains head on hit. Other on-kill weapons will follow suit.
IMPORTANT FIX: I forgot to include the actual script files. Windows' copy procedure didn't like symlinks I guess.