Voltage a1

2cp arena in a snowy urban setting thing

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Arena mode, for when you wanna make a map for a contest and are very short on time!

    Blackout is a 2cp arena map and my submission for the Connect5 Contest.

    Due to time constrains, I've basically turned this contest into a 72hour contest as I've only had a little bit of time over the past few days to work on this thing.

    Overall I'm pretty happy with it although there are some issues, mainly the lack of a 3D skybox to make all that look nice and some of the lighting may be questionable since I forgot this map was supposed to be set during the day and had it set up as a night map, only to realize and fix my mistake last min. Thankfully it's easier to go from night to day than from day to night.

    It also took me a bit to settle on a name for this map since the main component for it are its raised/multi-tier control points that revolve around the powerhouse generator props. While the whole thing may not look much like a power plant I'm going to call it some kinda middle of the road substation or junction building thing and hope for the best when it comes to that kind of detailing.


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Recent Reviews

  1. MirScout
    Version: a1
    Map have good looking and fun to playing. But, as my mind, it have also too much healtpacks (1 med and 2 small).