VMTs: Weapon Skins

VMTs: Weapon Skins 3.0

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I have added all textures from the Jungle Inferno update.
Important Note: Workshop war paints (like Pizza Polished) do not have proper naming and are just a big number. When trying to look for these in the material browser, you will have to use the keyword "pattern" and the filter "workshop".
If anybody wants to make a Zoo-Map for these textures, just do it and post it in the duscussion tab!

Here are the 3 most amazing / bizarre textures I have gazed upon while making this update:
The Nipple
'Forumlated' Typo
Updated filepaths and added Tough Break textures (including overlays).
All materails now use the "Patch" material function. This means that allmost all parameters are in just 2 files. The actual material files themselfes only include "$basetexture" and "$surfaceprop".
This means that filesize is much lower than it could be (Using this method it's already 1 MB) and that it's much easier to change properties like reflection. The files are patterns/patch_opaque01.vmt and patterns/patch_overlay01.vmt.