Vindemine a2

Don't question the name

  1. Hyperion
    This map actually has quite interesting backstory. Like a month ago I literally saw this map (mostly the starting area) in my night dream. Of course my brains aren't so great that it was finished perfect map so much was changed.

    This might be quite hard map as it doesn't really have first spine where you could easily defend both sides.

    Nav and .pop files here, the map is fully compatible with Mannworks' missions.


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  1. Fixed so much

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    Version: a1
    its good, nice layout but for me the bots went a bit ify in some areas. like they went in a loop in one area so idk if that's me or just the map but over all good work
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      That's quite interesting, could you tell me where? I played full mission alone and bots worked fine