Asym2 villa_assym a8

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ehhhh. I like A point and Blu spawn, but they arent half done and i dont at all like how the rest of the map looks.

Very different a4, havent updated this in an age.
Ill update OP and that.
Small update hopefully should make going places more intuitive and make rushing points much harder. Also B should be a bit better.

I've updated screenshots and stuff in OP and Overview.
Last might still be too easy to cap. C should be pretty hard now and in theory B will be less swarmy. Red last spawn is moved and they only have two spawns now. There is a door to make rushing D after A harder, and also a 96hu ledge added for similar reasons.

C is completely revamped but still might be pretty bad. I'll update screens and stuff in OP and overview.
B and C are completely redone. There is now another connector between B and A to make it more natural to transfer between them. More / better signage. RED now have multiple forward spawns. Blu teams spawn is slightly detailed now for fun. D is a bit different too.

New screens in overview and OP