Villa A13B

Competitive 5CP map set in a European hill town

  1. A2

    kevin gator
    -Added ramps on last to ease movement from lower entrance to high ground
    -Narrowed doorway from lower entrance into last
    -Changed medium healthpacks in lower entrance into last to small health packs
    -Added medium healthpack near choke
    -Removed collision with some roofs near choke as well as roofs on mid
    -Increased the size of mid
    -Decreased rollout distance
    -Fixed some displacements not lining up properly with brushes
    -Changed the clipping on fountain props so that they are easier to stand on
    -Forward spawn doors now move downward
    -Added no entry signs to forward spawns to prevent confusion
    -Added cover over point, blocking a broken sightline from second to second
    -Narrowed a doorway to alley
    -Added a ramp in alley
    -Fixed bugged spawn times
    -Added a platform in the middle of second
    -Added temporary view blockers to prevent seeing through the map
    -Made adjustments to block sightlines into lobby on last
    -Added a shutter door to the upper right doorway on last
    -Added some trees to last and mid
    -Added fences to mid near rollout
    -Added ladder to help climb shack on mid
    -Added a raised platform by main on last
    -Replaced a small ammo pack on second with a medium one


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    2. cp_terrace_a20001.jpg
    3. cp_terrace_a20002.jpg
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