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Vesper 2015-10-01


  1. Vilepickle

    An alpine themed Payload map with rollforward, rollback, and dynamic gate elements. BLU must assault RED's base to uncover their hidden explosive stockpile and disable it.

    CP 1 and 2 both have gates that BLU must destroy when they cap the point in order to proceed.

    The idea is to submit a beta to the contest which ends on 4/30/12 and then finish the map afterwards based on the feedback from the contest. I do not plan on leaving this map in a "hanging beta" state because I like finishing maps.


    1. vesper_1d.jpg
    2. vesper_2b.jpg
    3. vesper_3d.jpg
    4. vesper_4b.jpg
    5. vesper_5b.jpg