Vermann 2017-07-22

My first map. What have I done.

  1. WingDing
    My first map. It's "Frontline!"-themed. Please do tell me what I can improve (which is a lot).

    This map has two missions:
    -A 3-wave Normal Mission for people new to MvM.
    -A 5-wave Expert Mission for people who hate themselves.

    Also, "MANN UP!" is translated to "VERMANN JE!" in Dutch...

    Known Issues:
    -The Hatch has lighting issues.
    -Sentry Busters don't function properly. They don't spawn on the Expert mission, and blow themselves up prematurely when the sentry is perched high up in the Normal mission.

    Development has been cut short by a week due to a summer holiday.

    Have fun.

    P.S.: No extra screenshots, because I still have to wrap my head around this site.


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