Verborgen A5

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  • Adjusted the height of the water around A
  • Adjusted Blue spawn time after A is captured
  • Adjusted the length of the ramp at last
  • Adjusted the height of the water on A
  • Adjusted Red spawn time after B is captured
  • Adjusted the bridge width at C/D
  • Adjusted the layout at A to remove a horrid sightline (I removed the cover, leaving snipers exposed if they wish to use the area)
  • Adjusted health and ammo sizes in areas of the map
  • Adjusted the position of A's cap
  • Adjusted the size of a doorway around C to allow spies easier access
  • Adjusted the height of Red's high ground at B
  • Adjusted A's buildings to make for a better defence
  • Adjusted skybox brushes to increase performance (hopefully lol)

  • Added a trigger to the waterfall on last that exstinguishes players
  • Added an exit back to last
  • Added a small ammo pack to D
  • Added nobuild triggers to the water near D
  • Added stairs to C as an alternative route onto the highground

  • Fixed respawn vis not disabling at Red's forward when A is captured
  • Fixed a sightline from B to C

  • Removed a medium health pack on B

  • Adjusted spawn times to allow better defence
  • Adjusted the distance Blue have to push the cart at D by 128HU
  • Adjusted the max timer to 8 minutes
  • Adjusted the position of B's cap to be back slightly to encourage C defence

  • Changed Red's forward spawn logic to, when B is capped, open the doors up and disable the RScabinet

  • Removed a Red spawn exit to avoid Blue spawncamping by avoiding all combat in the area
  • Removed the one way door at A and changed it to a flank route for Red to get up to the highground

  • Added a rollback to B
  • Added clips to wooden stairs models
  • Added over on the approach to C from B
  • Removed a rock near A which was causing players to get stuck
  • Changed a flank route around last
  • Changed a flank around C to not allow Blue a free bit of height over C
  • Changed the position of the large ammo on A
  • Changed the window models to avoid confusion with glass and no glass
  • Adjusted cover around C to avoid massive sniper killzones
  • Adjusted spawn times for last
  • Adjusted the timer not to be 10 minutes to defend last
  • Added a ramp in Red's final spawn to allow easier and quicker access to the right exit
  • Added a shack to C for allow for forward holding
  • Reworked B to give Red more of a chance of defending
  • Fixed a clipping issue on last
  • Added doors to flanks that should not be open until later in the game
  • Reworked some flanks looking over B
  • Reworked forward spawns to be pushed back one to avoid blue rolls
  • Added a door which closes off a flank to D, giving red engies less of a nightmare to deal with
  • Added a teleporter to Red's forward spawn which takes you back to their lasts
  • Reworked some sightlines
  • Reworked C to allow for more areas to set up sentries and defend from
  • Reworked a little bit on last to allow for better sentry nests and areas to defend from
  • Reworked Blue's third forward into a flank route to C
  • Other tweaks here and there