Venice v3e

An arena surf holding the jail, a pro surf, a bonus surf (with rewards), an obstacle course.

  1. v3c - June 21, 2020

    surf_venice_v3c changes:
    - nerfed the ultra-secret that used to make you have x5 health and x5 damage/blastradius, now only does the health. the x5 damage and blastradius was SO SO SO overpowered that using it would make half the enemy team quit out of the game. hindsight is 20/20.
    - added some amount of blue-color values into the ColorCorrection in redmode, so players can see some amounts of blue players even when redmode is activated.
    -- also increased the brightness of some of the lights in the pro section to help navigation during redmode.
    -- added an additional 3.5 minutes to the delay between redmode re-activation. it was getting spammed too much / was too annoying.
    - added a secret way into the bowl-minigame from the ultrasecret location, unlocks only after 22 minutes into the round so its not game breaking. this can only be manually activated once per map, but the result is the minigame being activated 3 times in a row.
    -- buffed the bowl-minigame mechanics a lot.
    - added some of those trails that surf players like so much. 1 is admin noclip only. 2 are found by being the first to complete some existing secrets.

    Most of the changes were suggested by members of the Skial TF2 surf server, who have been playing this map a bunch. :)
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