valentine b2

Team must escort the priceless paintings to the helicopters.

  1. Bakscratch
    A PLR map set in a euro town for the Frontline community update.

    Team must escort the priceless paintings to the helicopters.

    Thing I know are an issue still
    -cart placeholder
    -possible optimise


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: b2
    This map looks beautiful with the Frontline assets. I love the plot to the map too, needing to steal priceless art on a cart replacing the standard bomb carts. While I like the idea of the helicopters needing to be lowered in order to capture them, I feel like it will get Hightower syndrome of having timer caps for the last points, and the fact that they are both right next to each other. It would be very easy to have the map come to a stalemate because no one wanting to cap the point. A straightforward cap would fix this and the helicopter can just swoop it's hook down and take the painting upon capturing.