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Vacuum a7a

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Earth's Australium is depleted. RED and BLU found more in space, but it already has an owner. Escape before Cthulhu rises! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Cthulhu fhtagn!

This map features not one, not three, but TWO doomsday-style lifts, one for each team. Take the enemy Australium and bring it to your team's escape shuttle. Don't bring it back to your base. We don't need it there. Any reports about alien attacks are to be discarded, unless they seriously inhibit your workflow, in which case you may file a complaint with the appropriate departments.

Unofficial Spookfest 2022 entry. Won second place out of ten.

Made by Brokk and Muddy.

We are currently in the process of transitioning this map to Beta, with custom assets just for this project by the talented Coolchou Zhao.

This map uses assets from the following creators. "Quotes" are usually the name of a map or asset pack. You should find all of these on TF2Maps. If you need help identifying a specific asset, I will gladly provide a link.
Many assets have been edited (with permission) to fit the map. Was it necessary to use this many different assets by so many different creators? Probably not. Was it fun as hell stuffing them all in there? Definitely.
Special thanks to Fault in Maps for advice about Doomsday logic and to Leezo for advice about custom PD HUDs.

  • Acumen
    • Beamgun model
    • Mining drill model
    • Various light models
  • Aulli
    • Various Dev materials
  • Asg_Alligator
    • "Enclosure" cliff wall texture
    • "Enclosure" croc cutout model
    • "Enclosure" antenna model
    • "Enclosure" mossy rock model
    • Industrial pipe and vent models
    • Various spytech computers
  • Bakscratch
    • Support beam model
  • Brokk
    • Various VMT edits
    • Custom HUD .res (Thank you so much, Leezo, for walking me through this!)
  • Calamari_Man
    • Dawnwoods skybox texture
  • Crash
    • Team-colored glass windows
  • Cuba
    • Various Asteroid prop blu-team color edits
  • Custard1
    • Various "Breadspace" textures
  • DioJoestar
    • Big gate model
  • Diva Dan
    • Unlit white (that's what the compile log says - no idea where I used this lmao)
  • Dr Face
    • "Slender Arctic" UFO model
    • "Slender Arctic" Spawn pod model
  • EArkham
    • "Snowycoast" Icicle models
  • Fault in Maps
    • Flat black skybox
  • Fuzzymellow
    • Harbor metal texture
    • Urban factory light model
  • Gadget
    • Space vent models
    • Space resupply locker
  • Invalid nick
    • Various "dewm" assets
  • Mattie
    • Various "Variety" textures
  • Muddy
    • Spliced Administrator voicelines
  • NassimO
    • "Watergate" graffiti overlay
      • Can be found in the Watergate content pack
  • Pont
    • Industrial pipe models
  • Quin
    • "Abandoned" moss overlay
  • Ravidge
    • Valve handrail model edit
  • Rexy
    • Chemical container model
  • Shmitz
    • Poster overlay
  • Stack Man
    • "Brainblast" fluid pipe models
  • Startacker
    • Internal Failure warning poster overlay
  • Stiffy 360
    • Spytech roofbeam models
    • Cloverpatch model
    • Pine tree model
  • Yrr
    • "Extol" metal trim texture
    • "Extol" RED and BLU sign overlays

Content packs:
  • "Autumnal"
    • Holographic signs
  • "Bulletcrops"
    • Maritime wall texture
    • Lunar buggy model
    • Geodome model
    • Oceanic door model
    • Oceanic container model
    • Various pipe models
  • "Construction"
    • I-Beam model
    • Pigeon cutout models
  • "Facepunch" Vehicle Pack
    • lmf66 model
  • "Frontline"
    • Medieval glass texture
      • I'll buy you a beer if you figure out where I'm using this one
    • Birch tree + leaves models
    • Floor tile texture
    • Street tile textures
    • Early Morning skybox
  • "London"
    • Park bench model
    • Rockwall texture
  • This arrow pack by a deleted user

Boy am I glad that I'm keeping such strict order in my custom folder.
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Latest updates

  1. a7a

    -Fixed some missing healthkits -Added briefing images This will be the final version until the Spookfest contest has been judged. Unless we find something else that breaks the map, of course.
  2. a7

    -That's right, we skipped a6 -Really, we had to, it was absolutely cursed -I did a ton of changes and then the file got corrupted and it really sucked -removed herobrine
  3. a5e

    * really, definitely fixed the packing issue now, pinky promise * minor lighting changes * tested new vmt for Valve's moon crystal models