72hr Ursy's TF2JAM entry 2k17 2017-02-13

Medic about to ruin Scout's day

  1. Ursy
    made in pencil and pen, painted with watered down inks.
    My brown ink wasn't made for being diluted for skin tones and fought me every step of the way. Made in my A5 sketchbook.
    Big thank you to Phoenixfire~thewizardgoddess on tumblr for suffering through me annoying her at completely unreasonable times of night in Australia to get her opinions on what worked better or needed fixing.

    Heres a link to the Work in progress images:

    I hope ive submitted this right.

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  1. Spencer_Kritzkrieg
    Version: 2017-02-13
    Very nice! Great comic reference. :) Very in character.