Multi Stage Uptown S1 A10

Don't believe me just watch

  1. fuck my life adition

    - Completely flipped the first area and edited some connectors
    - Resized the roads on the first point
    - Edited health and ammo all over the map
    - Completely redid the 2nd capture point
    - Rotated and edited the last point area and carpark
    - Added signs for better navigation for beginners
    - Lowered last by 64 units
    - Removed the whole area behind cafe as it was too powerful for both teams
    - Re added the Billboard
    - Added another forward spawn for Blu after capping 2nd
    - Added a new forward...
  2. fuck im tired

    S1 A9C Changelog

    - Rerouted the drop down area on 2nd, is now an exit to the above sentry platform
    - Random bits of detailing
    - Added an arch to area 1
    - Nobuilt random areas
    - Fixed red spawning in their last spawn on the first round after warmup
  3. fuck versioning it a10 edition

    S1 A9B Changelog

    -Building by first reworked
    -nobuild spawns
    -larger blu forward spawn
    -fixed cart logic
    -reworked last
    -skybox rework
    -texture adjustments
    -misc changes not worth trash
  4. Fuck gamedays are informative edition

    S1 A9A Changelog

    - Lowered window in the Restaurant
    - Removed the small door route closest to Blu spawn
    - Added a ramp from the high ground to the low ground after the spawn area
    - Removed some cover for a sentry gun in the 1st cap point area
    - Made the door of the small flank building on 1st smaller
    - Changed some health kits / ammo kits on second
    - Changed cover around on 2nd point
    - Replaced the yellow car with some shitty brushwork to reduce filesize dramatically
  5. Fuck 1st point Edition

    - Massive changes to the first area
    - Annoying dog
    - Changes to the housing area, bigger hole in the wall and a platform for sentry guns
    - Added a new area to second and renovated the connection area
    - Random stuff I don't remember

    Sorry for taking so long, life gets in the way. I don't want to put dates on Stage 2, but, it's in progress.
  6. Fuck changelogs

    S1 A7 Changelog

    - I deleted my changelog
    - Moved a lot of shit
    - Added a lot of props
    - A little detailing
    - Remade the inside of the building on 2nd point
    - Changed the location of Red spawn and removed the 1st forward spawn
    - Added a new flank to the 1st point that goes directly to the building from the 1st area
    - Moved the Blu forward spawn back
    - 2nd Cap area changed a lot, there is a bus stop there now.
    - Raised the skybox by 512 units


    - I might redo 2nd point
    - We might...
  7. Fuck spawns edition

    S1 A6 Changelog

    - Added another forward spawn for red that activates after the first point is capped
    - Fixed blu forward spawn not working as intended
    - Lowered the far right exit for Blu, exiting to a lower ground area
    - Added a new floor to the building at the 1st area
    - Trains in blu spawn
    - Lowered the billboard on the 1st cap
    - Moved the entrance to the tall building sentry location
    - Fixed unintentional engineer build spots on last
  8. Fuck Lain Edition

    S1 A5 Changelog


    - Stages will be tested split for now on until we can verify team balance
    - Drastically changed lighting (no more dark corridors)
    - File only includes stage 1 for focus testing

    Stage 1
    - Completely redone everything past the very first area

    Damn it feels like a long time since i've updated this thing, but it's only been 5 days. time flies.
  9. Fuck you Valve edition

    - Fuck you valve
  10. Uncuepa made some good changes that i would have never thought of Edition