Multi Stage Uptown S1 A10

Don't believe me just watch

  1. fuck my life adition

    - Completely flipped the first area and edited some connectors
    - Resized the roads on the first point
    - Edited health and ammo all over the map
    - Completely redid the 2nd capture point
    - Rotated and edited the last point area and carpark
    - Added signs for better navigation for beginners
    - Lowered last by 64 units
    - Removed the whole area behind cafe as it was too powerful for both teams
    - Re added the Billboard
    - Added another forward spawn for Blu after capping 2nd
    - Added a new forward spawn for Red before capping the first point
    - Changed Red spawn to be less overscaled
    - Changed Blu spawn to be less muddled
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