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Damn, so spooky

  1. Alox
    Here a upgraded halloween prop model : spooky_eyes.mdl

    Features :

    - 2 new eyes color : red and blue
    - 3 animation speed : slow, original and fast
    - Black and transparent varients
    - .VMF file included in the .ZIP as a showcase

    For the transparent varients, you will need to add a light_spot in front of the prop in order to make their eyes glow! Why ? Well i had to remove "$selfillum" "1" from their .VMT, because otherwise, the background wouldnt be transparent but white. You can check the .VMF for see where to set the light_spot.

    Credits :

    Valve for the original prop
    Alox for this upgrade


    1. Capture d’écran (1855).png
    2. Capture d’écran (1857).png
    3. Capture d’écran (1858).png
    4. Capture d’écran (1859).png
    5. Capture d’écran (1860).png
    6. Capture d’écran (1861).png
    7. Capture d’écran (1862).png
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