Untitled 1 2017-9-23

Just another arena map.

  1. More minor things because I'm too lazy to do a big update

    Bunker Junker
    - Add a few props

    - Messed around with buildings that are on the sides of the map

    Pretty much it.
  2. Small stuff part 7.2031321312345r324534

    Bunker Junker
    - Opened up a small area for experimental reasons

    - Add some more models for detail reasons

    - A bit more lighting

    - Build a few more things

    That's about it.
  3. Small stuff part 6.34

    Bunker Junker
    Blah blah, just more small changes because I'm too lazy to make a huge update.

    - More lighting
    - Rearrange some things
    - Building some water plant thingy on both sides.

    Yeah that's about it.
  4. small stuff part 7.39422432536534636

    Bunker Junker
    Just added a few more details and some lighting, nothing else really.

    I do plan on experimenting with some textures next update though.
  5. small stuff part 5.2312654456456457457457457

    Bunker Junker
    Added a bit more lighting, messed around with some of the sign designs, that's honestly about it.
  6. small stuff part 4.1234535

    Bunker Junker
    Nothing much, just added some things to make the map look a bit more "cooler looking", while also fixing some crappy building tactics that I used in the earlier versions .


    1. df.jpg
    2. fggf.jpg
    3. gdfgdg.jpg
    4. gf.jpg
    5. rgrgrg.jpg
    6. thhh.jpg
  7. small stuff part 3

    Bunker Junker
    Just pretty much added a bit more lighting and adding some details.. Yeah that's about it.
  8. small stuff part 2

    Bunker Junker
    - Added more spawn points in each teams spawn, rather than just one for each.

    - Added more lighting

    - Making the buildings around mid not too plain looking.

    - Editing some mistakes I made.
  9. small stuff

    Bunker Junker
    - Add more lighting.

    - Starting with making some of the box buildings around mid not so boring looking.