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Untitled 1 2017-9-23

Just another arena map.

  1. Bunker Junker
    Yeah I'm bad with names, sorry.

    This is my first attempt at making a "planned out" map, it was going to be a koth map, but I was too lazy to try to get that running, so I decided on making it an arena map.

    I'm just posting it here to get some feedback since I'm not getting any over at the workshop page, I'm looking to improve upon, so I don't mind if you say it's terrible, just tell me how to improve and we're all good.

    Current problems I'm aware of:

    - Needs more lighting, some areas are still very dark.

    - Needs detailing, but I'll save that for the end. (Probably)

    - Still needs some building done to it.

    - No ammo and health packs.

    So yeah, I look forward to your help, and please bare with me, as I'm pretty new to map making and these forums.

    (Also if you have a good name for this map, then please tell me, I'm pretty sure people will not like "Untitled 1" as a map name.)


    1. bot3.jpg
    2. bot4.jpg
    3. bot10.jpg
    4. bot11.jpg
    5. df.jpg
    6. fggf.jpg
    7. gdfgdg.jpg
    8. gf.jpg
    9. rgrgrg.jpg
    10. thhh.jpg
    11. blu1.jpg
    12. blu2.jpg
    13. blu3.jpg
    14. blu4.jpg

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