Unique Player Naming Logic Final

Also Includes: How to create a Health Kit upon Death

  1. Yakibomb
    We know how messy or simply impossible it is to keep track of player's names in Hammer. For those who want to separate players from each other, this prefab will give them unique names to be called upon by Hammer.

    This prefab shows you how to do two things:
    • How to name up to 32 players at one time.
    • Bonus: How to drop a health kit upon player death on 1-of-6 chance.
    This is a universal player naming logic--It can be used for anything. The health kit is an example of the power of a player naming logic. More details in the prefab itself.

    Replace / reuse / cut 'n' paste this prefab into your maps if you so wish, I don't mind! This has been possible ever since HL2, so it's not exactly new... but it's still not easy. Which is why it needs to be shown in prefab form.

    How to Use the Prefab:
    • Click on the Kitteh for the introduction, then work your way down by clicking the Green info_targets for Step1, Step2, etc. For added continuation of each step, click the Red info_null.
    • To delete the health kit from spawning, click the filters with Grouping on, and delete the output. Then delete the related entities (from the trigger_brush and below).

    Special Thanks:
    A Boojum Snark for Egg War: Mechanical logic and other complexities, for explanation and general interest in teaching.


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