Undying Event

Multi Stage Undying Event RC2c

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quick fixes to performance and spawn doors
-Added halloween gargoyles. Gotta collect those souls!
-Adjusted lighting in spawn rooms to better highlight health cabinets
-Blu spawn on stage 1 now extends to the additional barracks
-Further frametime improvements on stage 1
-Added additional cover to reduce sightlines from cap A to blue spawn -Adjusted ghost paths to be less disruptive to pushes from Blue
-Adjusted ghost spawn rate so he is a little less spooky, but still pretty spooky.
-Fixed spellbooks in Stage 2 not adhering to warmup time limitations


Drac is Back!

-Dracula has returned from his holiday, and he brings... spellbooks?
-Dracula will now cast a little bit of his magic to spawn a rare spellbook. There is only one per stage, and it always spawns in a contestable but dangerous location for both teams!
-Dracula will occasionally talk to your team via telepathy... don't worry this is sort of his thing.
-Ghosts now roam certain areas of the map
-Reduced number of pumpkin bombs, made their placement more favorable to Blue
-Adjusted spells so they no longer spawn during warmup time
-Added some lights near trouble spots on stage 1 where snipers blended in a little too well against the background
-Added additional Signage to better illustrate where the first control point is
-Improved performance on Stage 1
Fixing missing particles
(Undying Event now follows the regular control point format, instead of a hybrid capture the flag/control point mode)

-Fixed some minor bugs
-Fixed missing faces on some models
-Fixed some misaligned displacements in the second stage

-Edited some textures for better visual clarity
-Added a one-way signs to sewers to help guide player

-Reduced file size considerably
Fixed some bugs

-Updated version to rc1a
-Performance improved on stage 1
-Edicts lowered further for low spec servers (and local servers)
-Fixed drac sounds not being properly packed
-File size of packed bsp reduced by 30~ mb
-Re-authored many textures for less contrast/visual noise


-Added a fence at blue spawn for stronger indication of player clip
-Lowered intensity of sprites on certain light fixtures
-Fixed misc bugs reported on tf2maps.net and in our bug thread here on the workshop page


-Fixed missing vfx on hanging braziers
-Added fill lighting near the first cap to help reduce contrast
Stage 1
-Optimized yard and rail platform performance
-Fixed Zfighting surfaces near the yard balcony buildings
-Minor adjustment to rain particle visiblity

Stage 2 -Added missing fencing to tunnel entrance
-Improved performance near entrance to tunnel

General -Optimized multiple areas
-Drac no longer kills players on round end
-Fixed missing drac spell
-Lowered overall amount of entities stored into ram (lower edicts solving server crashes)
This is the first big release!
Much thanks to ibex for alerting me of entity issues.