Multi Stage Undying Event RC2c

Bring back Dracula by taking him to the revival chambers!

  1. TanookiSuit3
    (Undying Event now follows the regular control point format, instead of a hybrid capture the flag/control point mode)

    It's that time of the year again, so let's get celebrating that spooky time of the year (perhaps a little early, again)!

    Undying Event is a spooky control point map with two stages! It takes place within a peculiar mountainside operation. Blu must capture the control points inside the revival chambers to begin the process of bringing Dracula back to life.

    Red has to stop Blu from reviving Dracula by capturing the revival chambers, and most importantly, make sure they don't get anywhere near his spooky crypt!

    Please make sure to take care of Dracula, he's a little bit vulnerable at the moment.


    1. cp_undying_rc1a0000.jpg
    2. cp_undying_rc1a0001.jpg
    3. cp_undying_rc1a0002.jpg
    4. cp_undying_rc1a0006.jpg
    5. cp_undying_rc1a0007.jpg
    6. cp_undying_rc1a0008.jpg
    7. cp_undying_rc1a0004.jpg
    8. cp_undying_rc1a0003.jpg
    9. cp_undying_rc1a0005.jpg

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