TwoRickety A2

Battle through sinking shacks

  1. Rickety 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Some Guy you know?
    After nearly half a year of not touching the map, I came back and did a massive overhaul of it, streamlining the layout and gameplay to hopefully make a much better KOTH map experience.


    Mid has been redesigned, reducing Scout's advantage via abusing props and ledges for quick getaways, as well as removing the various steps and ramps, making it a more pleasant travelling experience for slower classes.

    Shack has been removed, as it provided too good a hold position for the defending team.

    Sniper Balconies have been added to the far side of each point, giving Snipers more options for where they want to headshot dudes from.

    Point area has been redesigned, providing more cover for a attacking team.


    Spawn has been redesigned, making navigation much more simple and correctly guiding players to the intended main route, instead of confusing users. Furthermore, several flank routes that led to flank routes that led to flank routes have been removed, aiding flow onto the main point.


    "Long Flank" has been completely redesigned, changing from a pointless detour that dumps you in a terrible spot on the map, to a strong sniping position and hold spot at the expense of travel time.


    The main entrance to the point, the "Pillar Room" has been removed, replaced with more open and simple staircase room, as well as the redesigned spawn making it see more use.


    Comparison shots of the "old" version, shown on top, and the "new" version on the bottom.
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