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Turdbine V3

Farm themed reskin of the original turbine

Love playing Turbine but don't want to be stuck in a dark, dusty, old factory? How about playing in a bright, dusty, old farm instead! Welcome to Turdbine...

This map has almost the exact same layout and dimensions as the original Turbine, except that I added a roof extension to each team's balcony which may be an interesting spot for sentry nests and snipers. I also increased the ceiling height in the hallway area leading to the intelligence room, and moved the blue farm building back a few units to see how it would look. Other than those changes the map has an identical layout to Turbine. Why is it named Turdbine? Idk, I guess because its a farm map and the sharp scent of cow crap is wafting through the battlements.
I hope someone gets some enjoyment out of this.

Also, I made this map with Linux with surprisingly few hiccups.
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  1. ctf_turdbine

    Minor graphical update to Turdbine