Turbine Test a1b

A rework of Turbine to get back in the mapping groove.

  1. Potada
    Just a simple rework of Turbine to shake the cobwebs off. Hopefully this helps me get back into things.

    Edit: Okay now that it's not late at night, let me list the changes:

    - Overall proportions are slightly tweaked and should be bigger in places
    - Turbines and containers in center area have been adjusted. Turbines now sit across instead of along map. Containers now sit in front of each respective spawn hall exit.
    - Added a small room beneath each team's main platform of center area on ground level. Contains a small ammo pack.
    - Vents leading to intelligence rooms have been changed to similar structure as seen in Turbine Pro, leading out into a thin platform above intelligence.
    - New vents added to side of intelligence hallway, with entrances located below center area's platform ramps and leading to platform in intel hallway.
    - New stairwell added beside intel hallway, connects platform to main vents.
    - Added a small ramp to the intel hall's platform. (Thanks Turbine Pro)
    - New vents added to spawn hallway via small alcoves in spawn hallway and center area.
    - Added a new exit from each spawn leading to main vents.

    That should be it. Hope you enjoy!


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Recent Updates

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