Tumble Tech b7

Single stage payload race

  1. Sympathy
    Somewhere in the badlands lies an experimental weapons factory disguised as a nuclear waste processing plant. Although Mann Co. admits their disguise has resulted in more governmental inspections than necessary, they refuse to cease work on a new, top secret, and devastating weapon. Seeing the potential value of such a weapon, both RED and BLU have decided to destroy it so the other corporation does not lay their hands upon it.

    Tumble tech is a single stage payload race map designed for the payload checklist contest. It meets the following checklist criteria:

    - Payload Crosses Hazard
    - Payload Crosses Over Own Path
    - Rollback Zone 256 Units in Height
    - Ledge 256 Units in Height
    - Multiple Carts

    Keep in mind that the latest version was hastily made to meet the time constraint of the competition. Be aware that the map has many obvious flaws (such as the blu cart not working yet). 20190224184935_1.jpg 20190224184935_1.jpg

Recent Updates

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