Truppen (troops)

Truppen (troops) a10 vide

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Truppen (troops) a10 vide

My first Frontline map. In the alps of ww2, you're cadets in training.

This is my first frontline (and serious) map. report in the comments and all that. but I wanna know should I do weather? and if so, what kind.

Also, to get a really good frontline experience, play as engineer ;)
I dare you!
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. i forgot to add the custom pack

    forgot to add vide
  2. so ive played around with this one. added things and displacements (just learned what they are)

    after a two week break, I've come back to this one with the new knowledge of "displaments". ive added a mountain building, figured out how to use the explosives, and added lighting. but I'm still have trouble with lighting. help will be much...
  3. Arrhg! i finnaly fixed ALL problems i could find

    also, if any one wants to know my ideal engineer nest, here it is (for the challenge)