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Tropico A4

A turf war over a half-constructed hydroelectric plant in the tropics

Hello! I've been dabbling with Hammer for a long while, but I never actually got a layout down. So, finally this is the layout I came up with. It's basically my first map - but I have tried several other times to no avail.

Sean "heyo" Cutino, Matt "vhalin" Leahy - Borneo Models/Textures
The Mayann Project - Palm Trees
The Construction Pack - Various Assets

Again, this is my first real map so I've probably done a lot of things wrong, and I'm looking for advice to improve for future ventures. Cheers!
First release
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King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. A4: Bigger is not always better

    Tropico A4 Changelog - Redesigned the areas leading up to mid to shorten length - This removes one of the 3 routes from spawn - Changed the skybox from Borneo to Goldrush - However, the middle building now has a lower level that leads outside -...
  2. A3 is up!

    Tropico A3 Changelog: - Added some textures and overlays - Added rocks barrier to improve sightlines at the lower part - Adjusted size of capture point slightly, and moved the prop back a bit - Overlays now show the capture zone of the point...
  3. Now packaged with the right assets!

    Okay - here's the fixed version of A2, that I've dubbed A2P (Packaged) The next version will just be called A3 though. Changelog: - Skybox no longer makes you trip balls. (Borneo Skybox Assets Packaged) - Trees no longer have existential...