Tricia a6

Jungle-themed SD map that isn't Congo

  1. a5

    * added 6-second setup time, because apparently Special Delivery does that
    * fixed the flag return time, it now resets after 15s (thought I fixed this in the last version, apparently not)
    * added stuff to the flag pickup zone
    * changed the indoor area in the middle a tad
    * players can no longer build sentries in the trees
    * added delays to more of the helicopter pilot voice lines
    * made the helicopter rotors smaller, ya whining babies
    * fixed players being able to ride the helicopter (no really, this time it's final)
    * fixed the alarm not playing when someone signals the helicopter (the alarm now also plays when the helicopter is close to landing)
    * made delays between voice lines longer (was 10s, is now 16s)
    * added a couple more voice lines
    * downgraded the two ammo packs by the helicopter from medium to small
    * removed the Predator audio clip (sorry guys, it was getting old)
    * some other misc changes

    2015-10-25_00003.jpg 2015-10-25_00002.jpg
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