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Tribute Props 2017-1-29 reupload

Better late than never

Tribute Props!

So it ends up that I completely forgot to shine these up and post them for use. So here's everything at face value. Note that none of these models have LODs. We were kinda in a rush. I still have the source files and can fix some of this stuff up per request.

Thanks to heyo because I edited his pillars.

Get it? It's funny because TF2.

Hat of Philaetor or whatever it is, can't be bothered to look it up. Edited to float above the ground slightly, shrunk to not be absurdly large, and to not have a team colored glow.

Contains the voice of [UEAK]Carnage

Comes in 3 flavors, each with different damage.

After 7.5 million years Deep Thought concluded that the perfect height for a pillar is 192hu.

One of the Egypt pillars edited to be 192hu tall because Crash wanted it.

Broken Pillars
Pillars here!

3 sets of pillars broken into 2 models each.

Shiny as shit.

Large sarcophagus that's shiny. I gave it a green-ish envmap for the map, that can be edited back to the original in the vmt. Also has a physics model that isn't accurate at all so you'll probably want to make your own if it's in a gameplay area.

Great Sphinx

Oh mighty Pharaoh! We pray to you to protect us from your shitty physics models, and your annoying shading issues!
Split into 2 paws, broken chin piece, the body, and the head. Body includes the outside of the building with dimensions 704hu wide, 1,584hu long(not including rounded end which is an extra 673hu long for a total of 2,257hu long).
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