72hr Jam 2022 Trenchfoot ab1

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First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Update and such

    -Updowngraded to experimental hybrid alphabeta state. It's pretty legit. -Redid spawn rooms to not suck so hard -Opened up some chokey areas a bit, I guess -Added a new alcove in the sewer route, it's neat -Raised ground under water in sewer...
  2. Mid remake

    Beta 2 2-23-17: Remade area between trenches on mid entirely, very experimental, we'll see how it goes Some minor bug fixes First time doing full compile workflow with compilepal, if it's broken, blame Fubar ;)
  3. Shit's on fire, yo

    Update 'cuz

Latest reviews

Insane amount of map design in just 72 hours.
very nice map:3
8/8 fixed stuff
Well made and fun
Looks amazing, especially for a 72HR map
Great detail and gameplay
So fast....... how........ so pudy.........
Great map!
Amazing map! It's AMAZING!
Just amazing. I actually saw a bit on stream. 10/10 for Crash Construction!