transmission a2

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transmission a2

Trying out my own version of invade ctf

Pretty basic layout I think, but the mode is custom so I wanted a good testbed for it. Took some inspiration from pass_gigantic by @14bit - I also got some tips from him.

Since the map is small and the layout quite simple, I thought I'd make it nice and shiny with a neat aesthetic in the bases and a cool weanie in the middle.

The gamemode is a mix between 3cp and invade. I did some thinking and I came to a hypothesis that invade could potentially fix some of the shortcomings of 3cp. So this is what I've arrived to. Have fun.
I dinne ken
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Invade CTF

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Latest updates

  1. Sound and vision

    Mainly an update on the gamemode this time round. Added a custom soundscript file and attached lots of in-game actions to it. Picking up the flag. Dropping the flag. All the CP behaviour you'd normally get in CP-based game modes. The suitcase...
  2. respawn times and sounds

    Quick update. Forgot to add non-default respawntimes. So I've added some that will hopefully be good. 4 seconds for when the mid can be capped, 4 seconds for attackers, 8 seconds for defenders. I also forgot to make my ambient_generics around...