trade_minecraft_tf2 V2

A TF2 Minecraft Trade Map

  1. King of KFC Jamal
    A minecraft map that has a relax zone for trading and teleports to a pvp zone. It also have a boxing ring and a spycrab area. This map was created for the purpose for Team Fortress 2 Trading Communities. This is my map that I had ported from CS:GO. Looking for feedback on the map if you can.

    Update Version 2-Winter Update
    -Boxing Ring
    -Spycrab Area
    -New props
    -Minecart and tracks
    -AD Spaces avaiable for people
    -Grass textures to Snow.
    -Textures that wasn't aligned right.

    1.jpg 2015-12-20_00009.jpg 2015-12-20_00011.jpg 2015-12-20_00012.jpg 2015-12-20_00013.jpg 2015-12-20_00014.jpg


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