72hr trade_bsor b1 (reuploaded)

A Simple Community map made for one community server

  1. Bjorngomes
    Someone told me to upload this so here we are. a possible limited upload

    trade_bsor is a big tf2 map with alot of contributions that were based on my feedback on BSoR (A friendly TF2 Server)

    It has alot of features such as:

    A Nightclub
    A Bar
    Numbers of hidden Easter eggs
    A Harbor/Beach
    A Gallery
    and much more!


    Bjorngomes (Overrall devlopment)
    Litronom (General Help/Nintendo Ports)
    Jay (General idea's)

    And the rest for testing/helping with the map

    Disclaimer: All Sounds/Content ect, i'd not own! or i claim it as my content

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