Trade Toontown Dreamland V2

An Updated Version of "Trade Toontown Dreamland V1!"

  1. Riotology
    Hello! It's Been a While!
    It has been quite the while, but don't worry. I'm here now! and So is Version 2 of Dreamland! (It would've been finished if I hadn't lost all motivation.)

    What's New?
    + Streets! Run around Two Wholesomely Long Streets, featuring 24 Buildings and 2 Headquarters (For a later date!)
    + Speaking of 24 Buildings... You will Spawn in One! 12 Random Spawn Locations throughout the Streets have been chosen to Hopefully reduce Spawncamping! (Not guaranteed, results may vary.)
    + A new soundscape has been added to tickle your eardrums as you explore said Streets.

    What Was New, But Doesn't Work
    - As much as I don't want to say it, There was several hours of headbanging, tears and sweat put into trying to get Lamp Posts, Trees, The Donald in a Box, etc to Work. Because they are set up to be Sprites, they just refused to be packaged in with the map. (If you know how to fix this, Do send a PM. It'd be very appreciated!)
    - There is a Interior Soundscape, It is currently unknown if it does work, or if it doesn't. I'm hoping it does work.

    What's Next?
    As for what's next, There is a whole lot of stuff on the Scope, as far as Decorations and a Certain Trainyard and Vault area goes. Potentially some Secrets! (And no, haha. Definitely not hitting a Giant Eyed Block and standing by it for a minute... Haha... I'm serious. No one has the patience for that.)

    Riotology - Making the Map.
    Camelz and Retrovertigo - Playtesting.
    Schell Games and Disney Interactive - Making the Original Toontown Online.
    UglyCorny - For their "Nightlife" Resource Pack.
    And Thank you, anyone who joined the Saturn Valley Server and played during the Playtesting Periods and gave Feedback!