Trade Toontown Dreamland V1

A Trade Map based on a Part of my Childhood, and Maybe a part of Yours...

  1. Riotology
    This Map is the "Donald's Dreamland" Playground From Disney's "Toontown Online" / "Toontown Rewritten"

    With this Project, I've made it entirely from scratch within Hammer, and I've been able to Utilize Soundscapes!

    For This Version:
    Playing around with Soundscapes!
    There's only the Playground for the Time Being.
    It's been Textured with "Ugly Corny's Nightlife Resource Pack"

    For the Next Version(s):
    Streets and Buildings.
    Spawn Room(s) aren't just a Room with a Sign.
    (Maybe) Cashbot Trainyard and CFO Vault.
    Just Hopefully something Better Over-all.

    Special Thanks:
    Camelz - For Playtesting and giving Feedback during Development.
    Tophattwaffle and 3kliksphilip - For their Amazing Hammer Tutorials.
    Schell Games, Disney Interactive - For Designing the Original Toontown Online.
    Ugly Corny - For his "Nightlife" Resource Pack.
    And also, Thank you. To Anyone who playtested during Development and gave Feedback.

    bumps and bruises for feedback, asking to change the map to a minecraft map... sheesh. but still, thanks!