Trade Minecraft ToxicBunny Final Final

A Refined Remake, Deviation and Continuation of "Trade Minecraft Toxic Bunny V4"!

  1. Riotology
    Welcome to Toxic Bunny Final
    It's Finally Finished! At least to my Standards (which are ranging from mediocre to decent, from decent to excellent), either way. It's Finished, Here. And Finished NOW! So Finished, That I have to say "Finished" 7 Times. Because it is what it is... FINISHED!

    The Good Stuff
    + Like the Original from eons ago. I've added 3 Buttons, Replacing the Signs
    + Soundscapes and Furniture!
    + You Can Jump over the Top Area's Railings! Now stop thrashing me.
    + Other Stuff from Past Versions.
    + A Somewhat "Okay" Finalized Remake of a Map from Ages Ago?
    + It's Finished?

    The Bad Stuff
    - It's Minecraft. People seem to have a Problem with that Kind of thing...
    - Still a few Weird Textures floating in the Sky Found it difficult to fix those up.
    - It's Finished. It's Final, Also. Message me for Permission if you desperately WANT to Edit it.

    Riotology - Made the Map.
    StormerThePleb - Tested The Map
    Camelz - Map Made For and Also Tested the Map.
    Retrovertigo - Map Made Also For.
    Strange Raptor - Being a Trustworthy Mod.
    The Saturn Valley Community - For their Support and Feedback

    Madpixel - For making the Font I used in the Credit Room
    Jerma985 - For giving me a Non-Serious Theme for the Boxing Arena
    GildedGames - For "The Aether" Mod.
    Emile Van Kriken - For The Aether's Soundscape.
    3Kliksphilip and TopHattWaffle - For their Hammer Tutorials
    NeonHeights - For Inspiration

    And Thank You, To Anyone I Missed... If I missed you in the Credits. You know who you Are! Yes You Do!
    See you Shortly... the Next Project!

    Toontown Dreamland...
    ...Scarlet Fortress
    Who Knows?