Trade Minecraft Toxic Bunny V4 V4

An Updated, Simple Remake, Deviation and Continuation of "Trade Minecraft Toxic Bunny V3"!

  1. Riotology
    This Map is No Longer on the Workshop, and is Being Archived Here. Thank you all for your Feedback.

    Because of this, I Urge you... The Downloader to NOT Re-upload it there without my Permission.*

    *Exceptions being TF2Maps Staff, due to the Terms of Services on this Site.

    In this Overhauled Version of the Previous Edition "Toxic V3", There are Many, if not Multiple changes.

    + Completely Overhauled Aether, Nether and End.
    + Small Bits and Bobs Added / Removed from the Overworld.
    + Added a Bunch of Secrets, Rooms and Other Things.
    + End Disco now has 6 Tracks, Instead of 4. (Track Names in Credits)


    Design By
    Riotology / OnlyWhenMinimized

    Map By
    Riotology / OnlyWhenMinimized

    Map For
    Camelz and Retrovertigo

    With Inspiration From
    NeonHeights' "Trade Minecraft Neon" and Phytorotama!'s "Trade Minecraft Realms"

    Skybox By
    CGMentos on Gamebanana.

    With Help From
    Camelz - For Helping Do up the Overworld with Carpets and Stairs and Playtesting.
    Retrovertigo - For Placing that one block that I ended up Breaking a second later.
    3Kliksphilip - For his Fantastic Mapping Tutorials when I got Stuck.
    Neonheights - For Inspiration.
    Phytorotama! - For Inspiration.
    The Saturn Valley Community - For the reason I made this Map.
    And Anyone else who had ever joined within the Playtesting Periods and Gave Feedback.

    Mostly negative feedback, anyways...

    Song List
    Bag Raiders - Shooting Star.
    M83 - Midnight City.
    Simon Viklund - I Will Give You My All.

    AllLevelsAtOnce - Cave Story.
    ??? - King Dedede
    ****farts (Soundcloud) - Grand It Up