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So to explain This is TPC's WIP (formely known as el punto) verson 2
but the alpha of it
I fixed alot of the map and made it more workable added lights in the spawnroom
So i screwed up the bsp so the skeles now work so YAY but the lighting doesn't not work at all so yea I need to fix it it should be fixed in A4
I want to thank crash and killohurtz for helping me with my problem this version re-adds the skeles with a nav mesh which allows them to murder you
added skeles the sand block from A1 but now carved out and rocks surrounding said sand block
textured the light houses removed the teles until further notice so no sniper towers unless your a demo sniper
striped to just the boardwalk added a upper boardwalk and light houses accessible from the spawn rooms via teleporters