Toxicity a8

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Toxicity a8

Player Destruction in the sewer

It's not a "real" FPS game unless it has a sewer level. TF2 has some making up to do

Layout and design: MegapiemanPHD, Zeus
Jump pad particles: Yrr
Wasted Cement Truck: Rain (tf2 emporium vehicle prop pack)
First release
Last update
Player Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Not buying a vita to play vita games

    -fixed blu visualizer in cap zone -raised ceiling in some areas -opened up area above horizontal pipes at mid -minor visual fixes
  2. but look a little crack in the wall

    -remade cap zone area to be more interesting than just a square room -changed far side routes past mid to be one way for each team. Should help players from splitting up too much -moved bridges at mid across the water route to make it more...
  3. Time to cut your losses with those 3 shirts and 2 pants

    -redid left most and right most paths by mid -hurt trigger for cap zone now disables when the cap is open, and enables when the cap zone closes