72hr Toto A8

Find some long-forgotten words or ancient melodies!

  1. is a8 pronounced like ate

    Had to take some time off to clear my head, sorry about that! Here's what's changed:

    • Relic Changes:
      • The effect of the Relic has been changed to provide 8 seconds of speed boost, mini-crits, a defense buff, and marks the carrier for death. The mini-crits and defense buff is AOE-based and will assist nearby teammates, but only the carrier will be marked for death - making them a clear target to the enemy team. Kill the carrier, kill the effect.
      • The tomb is now open from the start and is no longer attatched to the ownership of the control point.
      • Upon picking up the relic, there are now a flurry of audio and visual cues to get the hell out of there, including but not limited to - a recdeing pedestal, closing doors, shooting flames, raising smoke, and hellish rumbling. Once its too late for someone to slide under the doors, anyone left inside will be set ablaze, and once the doors are completely closed, they will be killed. Buildings included.
      • Upon pickup, the carrier will yell the lines they would upon picking up a rare spellbook - but rest assured, it is not a spellbook. God forbid.
      • 30 seconds after the tomb begins to close, it will open again, and anyone can again claim the relic.
      • Slight detailing around the relic to make it even clearer of a focal point. The HUD at round startup will also make note of it. It is there, and you can take it. Please do, because bots won't go near it.
    • Map Changes:
      • Opened up the windows on the Sniper nest/dropdown area on the tomb side.
      • Made the path to the full health kit over the cliff less treacherous and airblast-prone.
      • Shrunk horizontal alley space between spawn and mid by 200 units on each side.
      • Removed window-height lamps on the cliffside Sniper nests.
      • Made steep stairs by the spawns part of an extended platform instead of just stairs.
      • Fixed a clipping issue on the cliffside.
      • Fixed a few displacement issues at mid and in the alleys.
      • Additional areaportals.
      • Further minor detailing at mid.


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