72hr Toto A8

Find some long-forgotten words or ancient melodies!

  1. The Relic Update

    This one's a doozy! Lots of gameplay changes and optimization to make Toto the best it can be, while going back to its unique roots without going into full-on Halloween territory that everyone loved to dislike! Here's what's changed!
    • Introducing the Relic! Upon capturing the point, doors to the tomb will raise and reveal the glowing central artifact! First player to collect the Relic, currently using a placeholder model, will be granted with 10 seconds of critical hits and a speed boost, but will be marked for death! Once the Relic is snagged, the doors to the tomb will begin to close, and anyone left remaining in the tomb will be killed off once the doors are closed, including any buildings left behind. The tomb can be re-opened, and the Relic re-collected each time the point is captured.
    • The mid building opposite of the tomb has been rehauled drastically to provide a vantage point on either side, along with a dropdown, and a new layout to the central area providing access to a full ammo kit and a treacherous path to a new full health kit overlooking a deadly cliff.
    • The vantage point buildings added in Alpha 6 have had their windows opened up and a dropdown is now provided to cut out the dead end aspects, as well as an ambush opportunity on any sniper nests.
    • Fixed collisions surrounding the pillars on the point.
    • Completely sealed off each respective area and utilized areaportals to beef up optimization.
    • Removed collisions on the lamp posts throughout the map.
    • Changed clipping on the cap bridges from playerclip to blockbullets.
    • Lighting changes to improve recognition.
    • Slight alpha detailing.
    • Removed crates outside spawn.


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