72hr Toto A8

Find some long-forgotten words or ancient melodies!

  1. "It's Okay"

    Hey so turns out Chrome was causing all the issues with uploading so here I am on damn Internet Explorer with A6 of Toto! Here's what changed!

    - Sectioned off mid with big gates to make it a fully-enclosed arena to cut sightlines, cut vvis, and improve on some gameplay issues.
    - Killed a few dominating sightlines on the side opposite of the tomb.
    - Added additional cover between the new gate entrance and the point.
    - Increased size of the point by 50%.
    - Added medium ammo to the structures on either side of the point, next to the gates.
    - Removed crates in front of spawn.
    - Applied func_nobuild to the point's stairs, as it was possible to make a nearly indestructuable Sentry low on the stairs and peek over the top, slaying any attackers.
    - Removed faulty playerclip brush left over from an area rehaul.
    - Moved side entrances to the tomb forward to avoid players from immediately running into a dead end prior to the point being capped.
    - Fixed a few displacement seams.
    - Fixed clipping issues with some tops of buildings.
    - Brightened up the paths leading to the point.
    - Added directional arrows and light leading players on the main route to the point, while still indicating alternate routes.
    - Fixed faulty geometry sticking out where it shouldn't have.
    - Continued work on optimization, though the openness of mid is still an issue to be fully tackled.


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